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  • What is an Art Portfolio?
    An art portfolio is a work set that expresses one's thoughts and ideas in painting/design showing artistic interest and talent. It also refers to works of art supplementary portfolio required by colleges and universities in the United States.
  • What are the categories in Art Portfolio?
    The art portfolio includes foundation art works required by art & design schools, major art works, home test art works, supplementary art works for general college & university admission, AP Studio Art (Advanced Placement Art), etc. Foundation, supplementary, home test, and AP studio art work are the same type of portfolio formation.
  • What is Art Foundation?
    Art foundation refers to the basic theories and practical skills necessary to create art works in all art & design fields based on fine art. It refers to the process of developing and expressing creativity, ideas, and individuality along with understanding and use of the characteristics of various techniques and materials as well.
  • What is an Art Supplementary Portfolio?
    Art supplementary portfolio refers to additional materials that support college admissions related to art.
  • What is AP Studio Art?
    AP Studio Art is administered by the College Board, which conducts tests for admission to US colleges and universities. It stands for University Course Certification Exam or Advanced Curriculum (34 subject exams) and helps to set a level of academic achievement to support higher education. AP Studio Art is an advanced curriculum based on fine art and it includes three art courses. (AP Studio Art Drawing, AP Studio Art 2D Design, AP Studio Art 3D)
  • Why is an art portfolio important for college admission?
    The curriculum of US universities is programmed for nurturing the best professionals who can be world-class leaders in each field of society. The fields of art and design are becoming more important to nurture the leaders who are evenly acknowledged with knowledge, skills and abilities in various fields, and who can create and provide new ideas and design concepts that will lead the 4th industrial revolution.
  • Why do US universities focus on Art Portfolios?
    The importance of STEAM education, which is being promoted by the National Science Foundation, which belongs to the U.S. government agency, the Ministry of Commerce, to educate future convergence talents, is becoming more important.
  • What does STEAM mean?
    It means convergence talent education and is an abbreviation of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.
  • What kind of art portfolio should be prepared?
    A work that shows creativity and new ideas based on a strong foundation must be prepared, and it must be a work that clearly explains/expresses one's own thought and at the same time clearly reveals individuality. In addition, multimedia/mixed media works using new materials may receive higher scores, and it is recommended to attach a sketch book that shows the creative process and should be a recent work produced within 2 years.
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