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Four College Students on the Street


SAMART Design Studio has developed the potential of students and has successfully led many students to admission to prestigious art/design schools in the United States and the top 50 Ivy League schools in the United States. Students show high satisfaction with the professional college admissions consulting and portfolio guidance services provided by SAMART Design Studio

Congratulations !

Student’s Statement 


Esther Lee ($75,000 Scholarship by SAIC)

Accepted by ACCD, MassArt, UIUC

"When I first came SAMART Design Studio, I was an incoming senior with a desire to apply to art schools but I had no plan or means to do so. I decided last minute to take a leap of faith and pursue the arts that I was truly passionate about. However, other portfolio prep academies and teachers told me that it was too late to suddenly begin a portfolio or apply to any art schools, but Sam teacher gave me hope and promised that finishing a quality portfolio would be possible with his mentoring. Sam saw my potential and he filled in any gaps I had in my basic foundation. Because of SAMART’s constant support and mentoring, I was able to successfully finish my portfolio in time for admissions while growing as an artist. I received acceptance letters and scholarships from SAIC, Art Center, MassArt, and other colleges with the major of my choice, and it is all thanks to SAMART Design Studio who gave me strength and support when no one else would."

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