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Painting Brushes

Foundation OCSA / LACHSA

According to the level of students who want to learn the art for the first time, we discover creativity and talents through the art foundation course and organize and guide personal programs following individual experience levels and interests

Painting Class

Foundation Course 

It is a class that builds the foundation of art, where students learn perspective drawing, basic shapes, color theory and human anatomy drawing, and how to use various basic materials

Art High School Prep

It is a preparatory program for students who are planning to be accepted to LA/OC Art High School. We provide the service of guiding creative and high-quality art portfolios and interview preparation according to the admission requirements

Award Winner

Art Contest Preparation

We guide students to create artworks for awards in various art competitions to develop their confidence and potential in art and design abilities

Junior Art Course 

Junior Art Course is a program to help junior-level students experience art with fun themes and use interesting materials following the level of elementary-level students who want to learn the art

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